This page is for fans of redheads. Natural, fake, who cares these babes are fucking hot! Wild in bed, tons of fiesty personality, fun to look at, every girl should be a redhead! Check out these fine hunnies!

Afinity      Geek Girl10
This sexy redhead has a perfect pair of knockers and a set of eyes that let you know shes up to no good! The fact that she is the alphabetically superior redhead has to count for something. She also is a pro-gamer making her a 10 on the geek scale.

Alicia Witt      9
This sultry redhead is one of my favs! Shes so hot Christopher cheated on drop dead gorgeous Adriana with her! She also meets geek approval appearing in Dune, rating a 9 on the geek scale.

Alyson Hannigan      Geek Girl7
This one time at band camp... I stuck my dick in Alyson Hannigan. Geek approval rating 7 for her role on Buffy.

Angie Everhart
This super model of November Rain Fame brings a bit of red to the super model world! Too bad there aren't more redhead victoria secret models...

Cate Blanchette      Geek Girl5
This lord of the rings hottie is a natural redhead. She may be a little old, but I'd still fuck the shit out of her. Lord of the Rings = Geek.

Claire Daines      Geek Girl8
This on again off again redhead is famous for her short lived teenage against show, My So Called Life. She was pretty hot as juliet and is much smarter then I, she graduated from Yale giving her a geek rating of 8.

Christina DaRe
Maxim hometown hotties winner of 2003. Just goes to show you, redheads are hotter then everyone else.

Courtney James
This long legged lingerie model is also a exhibitionist. Shes loves to show off her body even in public, so she gets a yearly invitation to my birthday party. She has yet to come, bitch.

Debra Messing
Though known as a bitch this Will and Grace hottie can suck my schlong any day.

Gena Davis
Sultry Gena Davis gives me wet dreams. She kicks ass in The Long Kiss Goodnight as Charlie Baltimore super spy but shes made famous by chick flick extraordinare Thelma and Louis.

Gillian Anderson      Geek Girl10
Our favorite FBI agent, Gillian Anderson is the epitome of redhead. Super fucking hot, eternally a tease and every geeks wet dream. The truth is out there, and the truth is that Gillian Anderson knows how to give me a boner. Another 10 rating from the nerd patrol!

Jessica Rabbit
Move over Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit is the biggest tittied cartoon ever made. And of course they also made her a redhead. Certainly she has the most cartoon porn on the net. I'd play patty cake with her any day. (First image shown Heddi Klumn as Jessica)

Juliette Lewis
Though usually a brunette, Juliette Lewis knocks my socks off as a redhead so I had to list her. She changes her hair color so much she counts as a blonde brunette and redhead. I love her.

Julia Roberts
This pretty lady is one of the top paid actresses in hollywood. Shes done tons of movies and still remains so very classy! Thumbs up in some peoples books, but I think she should get it over with and do a porno.

Julianne Moore
Now THIS is what being a redhead is all about! Beautiful and talented this Hannibal star can replace Jodi Foster any day! Her performance in boogy nights left me jerking for weeks! Just one question though why didn't her and rollergirl do a lesbian scene...

Kate Winslet
This natural redhead with titanic knockers is probably the fattest on our redhead list. Its OK, I like a little junk in the trunk. Shes actually lost a bunch of weight and is now one of my favorite redheads.

Kirsten Dunst      Geek Girl7

This confused girl keeps switching between red and blonde, either way I'd fuck her. She plays red hot Maryjane in Spiderman and evil Claudia in Interview with a Vampire giving her a geek rating of 7.

Kristi Miller
A regular on the Ohio pagent circut, this little number has never won a crown :( Perhaps she should change her talent from Singing, to sucking my cock, then she is sure to win Ms. Ohio.

Laura Prepon
That 70's Show babe Laura Prepon gave me a woody just searching for her pictures. Shes the only redhead to ever make Maxim's Cover (fuck you maxim give us more redheads!) and her real life attitude reflects that of her super cool sitcom role Donna.

Lauren Ambrose
The chubby redhead, like all fatties, probally sucks a mean cock. Another clue to her cock sucking abilities is her big lips. She also gave a good toe job on Six Feet Under.

Lauren Holly
Girl next door looks, well next door in hollywood maybe, Lauren is a hottie. She turned down the Courteney Cox role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, but scored with Dumb & Dumber as Mary. I like her, I like her ah-lottttt.

Lea Thomson      Geek Girl1
Kind of old, but gets bonus geek points for being in the back to the future movies.

Molly Ringwald      Geek Girl5

The 80's redhead, I'd fuck her even with her bad 80s hair. Geek rating of 5 for being in Steven King's The Stand and being a mousekateer.

Nicole Kidman      Geek Girl5
This newly single MILF is one of the hottest redheads in hollywood. She always working on a new movie for us to jerk off to. Her sexy aussie accent drives me nuts! Her role in kubricks last movie gives her a geekdom rating of 5.

Nikki Cox      Geek Girl7
This innocent looking little cutie with big ass titties had her own TV show on the WB. Lucky for us, she certainly has no standards since shes engaged to Bob Goldthwait. Some how I don't think she should change her last name, maybe change her first name to Takes Big. Rates a 7 on geek scale for a brief appearances in Terminator 2 and Star Trek TNG.

Tori Amos
Though undoubtedly hot, if you like her music, you're gay. If you like her looks, then buy some ear plugs and pound away.

Traci Lords      Geek Girl11
This blonde turned redhead former porn star has to be one of the best redheads ever! Not only has she started in such classics as Double Penetration 2 and Traci Takes Tokyo, she made over 100 pornos before she turned 18! Shes now obtains cult status and the reining title Super Goddess of all Geeks. Not only has she been in the movie Blade, Sci-Fi TV series First Wave, shes the voice of Pestilence in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse video game, and Commander Kyoto in the video game Defender. This makes her a super geek goddess rating 11 out of 10!!

Vanessa Angel
This Elizabeth Hurley look-a-like even has the sexy UK accent, but one thing, shes a redhead! Shes typically cast as a slut which is fine by me!

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